Composite Assets pack 2

Arjen Roos
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When I started to do composite artwork it was often difficult to find content, assets to use in my art. Buying stock images is a possibility but it quickly starts to add up. It can be time consuming to search the internet for content you can use. That is why I want to share a lot of my library of assets to make it easier for other (beginning) artists to start building their own library of compositing assets.
Besides compositing these images are also great for scrapbooking, mixed media art, etc.

This is my second bundle/pack with composite parts for you to create your own art with. To celebrate this pack has a low introduction price and the other pack is on sale.

The second assets pack/bundle contains 90 high resolution files. The models and props are on transparant background for quick and easy compositing.
All files are high resolution TIFF, JPG or PNG files.

This bundle is perfect for artists learning to composite images and who want to focus on creating the composite itself instead of cutting out subjects which can take hours. More experienced artists will be able to add these assets to their working library.

Because of the versatile contents you can create a lot of different kinds of artworks with this bundle. Let your imagination run free.

The pack contains;

  • Bokeh files to easily add bokeh to your images. Just place the layer on top of your image and set the blend mode to screen.
  • Models like women, ballerina's, portraits, 70's girl, an anime girl and a couple of animals (bear, horse and elephant)
  • Props like cars, a boat, rose petals and even a snow plough
  • Backgrounds like a tropical island, an underpass, room, a stage and even underwater. The backgrounds are ready to use, just drop in a foreground like one of the models in this pack and create a unique composite.
  • Colourful patterns to create all kins of artworks like 70's, techno or modern or party styled
  • A lot of textures like grunge, sand, coloured, plaster, rust, watercolour, paper, rocks
  • The pack comes with a commercial license so you can start selling your own art even if you used parts of this pack.

See the thumbnails image for contents

Reselling the pack or unmodified parts of this pack is not allowed.

I want this!

90 files to easily create composite, scrapbook content, mixed media and fine-art with. Commercial license included.

tiff, png, jpg
2.47 GB
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