Printable street musicians in silhouette

Arjen Roos
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An art triptych or trilogy for true music lovers, street musicians, etc. Decorate your wall with this 3 part artwork containing three street musicians leaning against an old light pole.

When hanging these works next to one another at the same hight you will create a street with all three artists.

In the scene depicted in this artwork are three male street musicians playing the flute, a violin and one playing the saxophone.

All images have a street, jazzy, mellow vibe. You can almost picture yourself walking the streets of New Orleans. It's a summer night you walk into this street hearing the tones of the saxophone playing a catchy tune, when you walk closer you stop to listen for a while before continuing forward until you reach the flute player playing this classic song. Just a little bit further you come across the violin player playing an amazing blues. This night can't get any better.

Silhouettes create a more abstract image and using complimentary colours makes sure these works will look nice in any interior. All three of them combined they create a harmony of images, but as single pieces they also work great.

This download contains 3 color variations of all three images and also come in both 2:3 and 3:4 variants making a total of 18 high resolution images in a single zip file.

Download, save to your computer, unzip, print and enjoy!

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18 high resolution, high quality printable files to decorate your interior.

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