Futuristic city Background image (15 high res images + bonus files)

Arjen Roos
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Do you want to create your own artwork but you need a futuristic, sci-fi or dystopian background?

This download contains 15 high resolution TIFF files you can use as a background. Different lighting methods are included for all kinds of lighting situations such as night, dusk, day, sunny, cloudy, etc. Aspect ratio's are 1:1 and 3:2.

As a bonus I have added a sci-fi motorbike with neon lights, a woman with her dog in multiple lighting conditions and a female astronaut wearing a helmet.

Please check out the images to see all the included files.

This background pack comes with a commercial license so you can commercially use the artwork you create with the images from this pack.

Reselling the images without substantial modifications is not allowed.

I want this!

15 high resolution background images and 4 high-res bonus images all with commercial license.

530 MB
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