Fine-Art 'Making Friends' Complete Photoshop Kit Digital Download

Arjen Roos
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Do you want to create fine-art? Learn about compositing techniques in Photoshop? Want to sell fine-art prints using the assets in this kit? Do you like my 'Making Friends' artwork and you want to learn all the Photoshop techniques I used?

This is a complete Kit that contains all the used assets and variations of the assets for you to create your own version of the 'Making Friends' fine-art work. And not just a copy of the work I did, you can change or remix because there are a bunch of variations in the kit to really give you the freedom to create your own style and vision.


- A sky with beach background image

- Under water environment with light rays

- Separate renders of the whale in different positions also horizontal

- Separate renders of the girl in the boat (close or further away, with and without water, petting or rowing the boat

- Separate water surface image

- Water splash brush

- And last but certainly nog least the complete PSD file with all the layers, layer masks, etc.

- Commercial license

A written tutorial will guide you through all the steps needed to create the artwork.

I want this!

Complete 'Making Friends' photoshop creation kit including high res assets (and variations), a tutorial and commercial licence.

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